I'm a Drupal geek, living in beautiful Durango, CO with my wife and two young sons. I graduated from Fort Lewis College (FLC) with a Computer Science degree in 2000, then honed my skills in Seattle for seven years. I love the shared knowledge aspect of Open Source technology, and have been hooked since I got my first taste of Linux and Perl CGI scripts at FLC. I now specialize in Drupal development and have expertise with Drupal site audits, minor and major upgrades, custom site builds, large data migrations, development team processes, custom module development, and some custom theming.

"Come for the code, stay for the community" is one of the "Drupal-isms" that really resonates with me. I feel fortunate to have such a great set of tools - and information - available, and the superb community makes me want to jump in and make it better! I have been "using" Drupal since roughly 2005, and focussing primarily on Drupal professionally since 2008; testing and contributing code patches, providing help in numerous IRC channels (benjf), and recently started maintaining a module on drupal.org (Tag User). I attended the last four North American DrupalCons - San Francisco, Chicago, Denver, and Portland - along with a couple DrupalCamp Colorado's and the Pacific NW Drupal Summits in Portland (2011) and Seattle (2012). Finally, along with a handful of others, I am doing my best to grow and contribute to the Durango Drupal User's Group.

Recent Drupal projects

Skills and knowledge (in order of expertise):

  • Drupal - Views, Features, Context, drush, custom modules, maintenance and deployment
  • PHP
  • Version Control (Git, SVN)
  • MySQL
  • Data migrations
  • Drupal Commerce
  • JavaScript / jQuery
  • Apache

I occassionally tweet (@benjfredrick) and blog about Drupal development and love meeting new people, modules and technologies. :)